Monday, January 12, 2009

Spirit of Bees, Redux.

Someone emailed and asked why I called this Spirit of Bees. I wrote about that in the very first post, way back in '06. But, if you don't want to travel back in time to find out, here it is in the now.

Spirit of bees? I first saw the phrase in an old pharmacological text which I repaired. The original blog entry about that can be found here in my original old blog.

Technically, spirit of bees was an ancient curative made in medieval times from extract of bees. I just liked the sound of the phrase, the rhythm of the words, the spirit of bees. Reminded me of the buzzing of the swarm, the activity of the hive, the business of bee-ness.

Acting with energy and purpose, this is the Spirit of Bees.

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