Friday, January 02, 2009

Plan Ahead

Another doll head photo. This one taken at my studio. She sits in a cubby waiting for me to find a use for her. All of the items you see in the photo were in the cubby originally, arranged as you see them. The doll head sitting on top of the plan ahead sign. When I realized what the sign said, I just pulled it forward so that the words were more visible.

I have a lot of doll parts hanging around my studio. I bought several hundred, arms legs torsos and heads in a lot at an auction a number of years ago. Every once in a while I look through them and take out some parts thinking that I will actually make art out of them or use them in a collage or something like that. Usually it never goes much farther then that. I end up setting them down in various places and forgetting about them.

As I mentioned before in this post about the lobster party, my studio is filled with various collections of stuff/junk, some of which I think I might use in art projects, or whatever. For the time being the catacombs of doll parts are stacked away in one corner of the studio, just another reminder of my folly.

I suppose photographing them could count as using them. Hmmm... I sense a theme.

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